As the daughter of a union worker, Amber Medina understood at a young age just how powerful the unified voice of the people can be. At the same time, she saw the injustices that surrounded those she knew and loved who were just trying to make ends meet.

These early lessons taught her that a strong voice is necessary to communicate the needs of the people to those in charge.  Because of this, Amber got involved in politics and built her life around being a voice for people.

As a single mother, an attorney, and a first-generation college graduate, Amber spends her time balancing family life, work, community involvement, and after-school activities. Despite the full schedule, Amber never hesitates to listen to the needs of her fellow Texans, and she intends to make Austin hear your concerns as your State Representative for District 37.


Early Voting is February 18th – 28th. Election Day is March 3rd. Make your Voice heard! Vote for Amber Medina as your State Representative for District 37.